our story

We are FFL Payments, a dedicated team of gun store owners who have experienced firsthand the challenges you face today. Tired of enduring high rates, wrongful high-risk merchant classification, unreliable providers, and deceptive rates, we created FFL Payments to provide a fair, reliable, and transparent solution for the firearms industry.

We believe in customization. By analyzing your card usage and every line item, we craft a plan unique to your needs. Say goodbye to overpriced AMEX rates for infrequent usage and hello to transparency and fair pricing.

But we provide more than just payment solutions. Our comprehensive Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal solutions and robust inventory management systems are designed to optimize your operations. Our business-to-business solutions and detailed business insights analysis are there to propel your business to new heights.

At FFL Payments, we don’t believe in compromise. We are part of the firearms industry and understand its intricacies. Join us for a payment processing service that truly understands and caters to your needs. We’re here for you, one swipe at a time.

Our Mission

At FFL Payments, our mission is to revolutionize credit card processing for gun stores by providing a seamless, secure, and hassle-free experience for both store owners and their customers. We are committed to helping gun store owners overcome the challenges associated with high-risk businesses and ensuring their continued success in a competitive market.